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Barreworks | London’s Original Barre and Ballet Workout Studio

With origins in Lotte Berk and New York City Ballet Methods, our unique classes give you a low impact but high intensity full body workout and fast results towards achieving the physique of a dancer.

Discover your ballet body, work out at the barre…

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Barreworks Retreats

Barreworks on the beach. There aren’t many things better than that.

Look out for details of our up-coming retreats and read about our most recent trip to beautiful kefalonia…

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Men Only Classes

Our workouts train the big muscle groups to work in conjunction with the deep stablisers, optimising movement efficiency, improving muscle balance and providing a strong foundation from which larger muscle groups can produce power.

This is how Ballet dancers train.

Our unique functional training approach will allow you to enhance sports performance by maximizing strength output without risking overtraining. And the ‘Men Only’ aspect allows you to venture undaunted into the world of barre.

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Our London Studio

Barreworks is a boutique exercise Studio on the first floor of Vestry House, a beautiful red-brick building just a stone’s throw from the shops, cafés and restaurants in the heart of Richmond upon Thames (21, Paradise Road, Richmond, TW9 1SA).

A wide-range of class times is on offer, 7 days a week and class sizes are limited to ensure you receive the correct level of personal attention.

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