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Prices and Subscriptions

Immerse yourself in a regular programme at the barre, with a variety of pricing options to cater for every wallet and every barre-habit. We recommend that you attend 2-3 times per week for best results, so we offer class packages, subscriptions and unlimited passes to allow you to do just that, please see below for the breakdown for each option on a per-visit basis.


PACKAGE PRICE Per Class Validity
Trial Class £15 £15 14 Days
Trial 1 Month Pass* £99 £8 1 Month
Single Class £25 £25 7 Days
3 Classes £65 £21 2 months
5 Classes £115 £23 3 Months
10 Classes £200 £20 3 Months
20 Classes £360 £18 6 Months
30 Classes £480 £16 9 Months
Barre 8 £150 £19 Contract
1 Week Pass £60 £20 1 Week
1 Month Pass £220 £17 1 Month
Monthly Subscription** £189 £14 Contract
Gold Membership £200 £16 Contract
Annual Membership £2,000 6 weeks free attendance Contract

Off-Peak 5 class package (valid ONLY for 7.30am & 12.30pm bookings, Mon-Thurs) £95

Off-Peak 10 class package (valid ONLY for 7.30am & 12.30pm bookings, Mon-Thurs) £170

Off-Peak Week Pass (valid ONLY for 7.30am & 12.30pm bookings, Mon-Thurs) £50

Private Workout £75, single session, £350 for 5 sessions, £650 for 10 sessions (monthly subscribers and Members receive 10% discount)

first purchase only, cannot be purchased in conjunction with the Trial Class offer

** 12 month contract, 30 days’ notice to cancel from usual payment date

Per Class rate based on 3 visits per week

All prices include VAT

Latest pricing news!

We have just launched three brand new pricing options.

‘Barre 8’ is our new 8-per-month subscription. No need to renew, you will automatically receive 8 credits every month. Top-ups at a preferential rate are available.

Barreworks Gold Membership is an unlimited contract, with some serious added value. With private workouts and Barre Surgeries, merchandise gifts and late cancellation credits, this is for true barre-aficionados!

DIBs is a dynamic pricing platform. Real-time pricing that reflects demand for our classes. You can purchase credit (that sits on your account) or single class credits at prices from as low as £17 per class.

For hassle-free booking, download the MindBody Connect app

and manage your class schedule whenever you like.


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