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Refreshingly exhausting…
06/11/19 -

The Barreworks Kefalonia Retreat, by Stephanie Strachan.

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Changing your career…
28/08/19 -

by Vicki Anstey

NEW ME versus OLD ME writt...

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Do you do Mondays…?
13/08/19 -

by Sarah Moheb-Ahanchi

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most.” Buddha.

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Ballet For Adults
06/08/19 -

Are you ever too old?

By Georgina Dingle

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Why I’m a barre-convert…
29/07/19 -

My life changing experience at the barre

By Genevieve Greensted

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Why Londoners are flocking to the barre…
27/07/19 -

In the last 10 years, barre has gone from being a virtually u...

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Want a strong, sculpted body? Try these 7 ballet-inspired moves you can do at home…
27/07/19 -

Ballerinas are known for their strong, lean and flexible bodies, not to mention their graceful pose. Vicki created a 7-move workout that hits all the main muscle groups, for you to do anywhere - no ballet shoes, o...

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The art of saying no…
27/07/19 -

The art of saying no


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