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Behind the Barre

Back to…Barre Basics – by Sarah Ahanchi
27/01/20 -

How do you live your life? Rushing place to place? Cramming as much in as you can? Constantly setting new goals and striving for more? Ever wondered if the way you live your life reflects itself in the type of exercises you lean towards? “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that […]

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Refreshingly exhausting…
06/11/19 -

The Barreworks Kefalonia Retreat, by Stephanie Strachan. I intentionally did no homework before I went to Kefalonia with Barreworks and had no idea what to expect other than lots of barre workouts, no caffeine and no alcohol. I was slightly worried I might be the fat unfit one amidst lots of skinny yogi bods but […]

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Adult Ballet. Expectation vs Reality…
02/10/19 -

THE BENEFITS OF ADULT BALLET by Laurie McSherry-Gray1. SOCIALOne of the best things about Adult ballet is that’s it’s a social event, where the local community of like-minded people can come together and dance to wonderful music, If you haven’t tried an Adult Ballet class so far, ask someone that already has! I guarantee their answer […]

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Changing your career…
28/08/19 -

by Vicki Anstey Sounds so easy doesn’t it? Just wake up one day and decide “this life isn’t for me…I’m tired of being a management consultant/Accountant/Hairdresser, I’m going to become a Professional Wake Boarder/Nomad/Goat Farmer.” That kind of instant and profound change doesn’t happen to many people on a whim – and for very good […]

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Do you do Mondays…?
13/08/19 -

by Sarah Moheb-Ahanchi “Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters the most.” Buddha. MONDAY. Ugh. I know that feeling… Let me pull the covers over my head. Let it be a dream! Alarm on snooze. Dragging my feet to put on the morning coffee. Savouring every minute before I […]

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Ballet For Adults
06/08/19 -

Are you ever too old? By Georgina Dingle With a prepubescent girl at home and many friends going through the menopause, I have begun to ponder my next inevitable metamorphosis. Not in a morbid way, but in a productive “What can I do to help myself through it?’ way. What can I do to look […]

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Why I’m a barre-convert…
29/07/19 -

My life changing experience at the barre By Genevieve Greensted When I was asked to write something for the Barreworks “Behind the Barre” blog, a flurry of different thoughts immediately came into my head about all the positive things I could say about how barre has impacted my life. Having stumbled across a ‘version’ of […]

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Why Londoners are flocking to the barre…
27/07/19 -

In the last 10 years, barre has gone from being a virtually unknown fitness concept, to one of the fastest emerging methods in the industry. The Lotte Berk Technique which had it’s hey-day in the 60s & 70s is the mother of all modern barre workouts. It garnered a following from Dame Joan Collins, Bond […]

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Want a strong, sculpted body? Try these 7 ballet-inspired moves you can do at home…
27/07/19 -

Ballerinas are known for their strong, lean and flexible bodies, not to mention their graceful pose. Vicki created a 7-move workout that hits all the main muscle groups, for you to do anywhere – no ballet shoes, or barre needed. Aim to do three times a week to condition your muscles but be prepared to […]

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The art of saying no…
27/07/19 -

The art of saying no Hands up if you say yes to everything? Over-commit yourself and then wind up stressed and exhausted with a nagging guilt that you haven’t actually done anything to the best of your ability? Sound familiar? FOMO step aside. This is about a deep-seeded sense of duty – or politeness (or […]

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