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Do you even Stretch? By Bridget Harriet
22/01/19 -

  For most of us flexibility can feel like an unrealistic reality. However it doesn’t have to be… The good news is, anyone can become flexible, it just takes patience, consistency and knowledge of safe stretching. One of the most common questions we are asked about stretching is WHEN we should do it… It is unfortunate […]

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Retreat. From what? By Erica Wolfe-Murray
17/10/18 -

I’d always avoided retreat-type holidays.  They worried me.  Would I end up being herded with people with whom I felt uneasy, over-sharing stories? And what was I retreating from anyway? I love my life. Signing up for Barreworks Retreat in Kefalonia was a decision I didn’t take lightly.  But it was made easier in that […]

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The top 5 Ballet stereotypes – and why they are unfounded… by Georgina Dingle
23/05/18 -

Ballet has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I began when I was 3 years old. The typical skipping around the cold church hall imagining I was a fairy flitting around the enchanted wood, my arms as delicate as a butterfly’s. Skip forward 10 years and I am […]

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Our top 5 reasons to take a Private Workout…
27/04/18 -

  There are so many reasons why private training is a great way to accelerate results in your bid to achieving your fitness goals, whether you want to change your body composition, improve your performance is a specific sport, or to train for a specific event. Here, we’ve put together the main reasons why topping up your […]

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7 reasons not to let your phone spoil your workout…by Anna Kotwinski of Shine Offline
19/04/18 -

Constantly checking and fiddling with your phone can wreck your workout.  Have a look at our top tips on why you should consider taking a break from your emails and Instagram feed when exercising. GET INTO THE ZONE – You can’t get the most from your work out and get into the ‘zone’ if you […]

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How can ballet training enhance athletic ability in other sports..?
18/03/18 -

  Although ballet and diving appear at first to be very different, similarities do exist between the two activities. The same muscle groups are used, similar skills are required and even some of the same injuries are common. Practicing ballet as a form of cross-training could certainly improve a diver’s performance on the boards. The […]

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Nutrition at the barre – how to optimise your workout…
04/02/18 -

I’m Ruth Sharif, a nutritional therapist and an enthusiastic barreworks studio member! When it comes pre and post workout fuel, there are so many different sources of advice, it can difficult to know exactly what we should be doing to get the best results. So let’s have a look at some principles and practical suggestions […]

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Welcome to our blog, ‘Behind The Barre’…
29/09/17 -

Established in 2010, Barreworks was the first dedicated, independent studio to introduce barre and ballet-based exercise to the masses and continues to be the longest-standing barre and ballet studio in the UK. With 13 expert instructors from a wide range of backgrounds, we thought it was high time we opened our doors and took you […]

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Get ‘skin fit’, by Cherry Woods
12/11/17 -

I’m Cherry, an anti-ageing facialist, a self-confessed beauty junkie and  a “no boloney here”, straight talking kinda’ gal. When it comes to skin care products and ‘proper’ facial treatments what really gets me excited is coaxing our skins into ‘working harder’ for us. So, Vicki and I were out chatting over a juice (or a […]

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Why working out BEFORE work is the best-kept secret…by Lucy Potucek
18/10/17 -

I ALWAYS start my day with a workout and want to share with you the seven reasons why I think it’s important to kick-off your day with some exercise. The first rule: Get up before your rational brain is even in gear to discuss the issue… 1. Feeling satisfied – if I don’t do anything […]

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