Barreworks Mentorship Scheme – Barreworks Richmond London

Barreworks Mentorship Scheme

We don’t just train people to teach. We coach them, support them and take an active interest in how they evolve as a Barre Instructor.

And we know that the real learning begins AFTER you qualify. Every now and then, it’s natural to hit a ‘rut’ or find that you haven’t been practising as much as you’d like to keep your game strong. That’s why we’ve launched our mentorship scheme. Designed for any Barreworks -Certified Instructor, this gives you a month of one-to-one coaching with us, where we evaluate class plans for you, invite you to immerse yourself in a class at the Studio AND to teach a full class to our clients.

We give you all the feedback you need to keep yourself amongst the most highly-trained barre professionals in the UK. Purchase a single month, or roll it over several to get back in the game and further sharpen your skills. The cost is £50 for each month, click here to purchase and email us to get set up any time that suits you.


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