Lucy Potucek

Instructor, Barreworks WorkOut

Lucy's youth was spent undertaking a grueling schedule of gymnastics, ice skating, trampoline and ballet. Her love of movement lead her to study a physiology degree and then, in a strange twist of fate, a career in sales, technology and media!

But not side-lined by her corporate life, Lucy also became a Student of Krav Maga (a self-defence/street fighting method based on boxing movements), rock climbing and Parkour (a derivative of free-running). There is literally nothing Lucy hasn't tried! In 2011, Lucy studied and qualified as a Pilates Coach. Since then, she has gained Level 3 qualification as a Personal Trainer and is currently studying with The London College of Osteopathy.

Lucy qualified from the Barreworks Training Programme in January 2015. Lucy's energy knows no bounds and her classes draw from the many and varied methods of movement she has studied and trained in over the years.